Energy efficient custom made awnings and screens

Our Awnings and Exterior Screens collection are central to our external solar protection products all designed to reduce the amount of heat entering your home

By blocking the sun's rays, Awnings can reduce the amount of heat entering your home, reducing the strain on your air conditioning system and ultimately lowering energy costs.

Awnings can protect against harmful UV rays, helping to prevent skin damage and keeping your furniture, carpets, and blinds from fading

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Our stunning collection of Awnings will help you create an oasis of calm that suits you and your family's needs, making your garden feel like an extension of your home.

There’s nothing to stop you having a full Sunday dinner on your patio, elevenses by the pool or breakfast on the veranda! Our incredible range of Awnings mean you can experience alfresco dining in shade, shelter and comfort.

The advanced fabric technology helps protect the fabrics colour so it won’t fade and contains a UV treatment to assist in blocking out the sun when you’re enjoying time outside

Our Electric Awning options range from systems which extend and retract the arms, operate LED lighting within the arms as well as heating options - creating fully customisable solutions for you and your home.

External Screens

External screens can help reflect and block out 30-80% of UV rays. They prevent your interior from overheating with the additional benefit of energy-saving as there is less reliance on cooling systems such as air conditioning and fans.

They are designed to enhance your privacy and control the amount of light coming into a room.

Our exclusive fabric technology protects the fabric colour so it won’t fade and contains a UV treatment to assist in blocking out the sun when you’re enjoying time outside.


Thank you Vorbo Interiors for the beautiful handsewn curtains all operating on electric curtain tracks and Siri. We have had lots of compliments from our friends and family who all wonder where the motors are hidden! A great service from beginning to end, professionally fitted and hugely admired.

I work from home and controlling the heat and glare in my home-office was very important for me. I also wanted to keep the view out to my garden whilst I worked. You found a perfect solution for me. I would never have thought it was possible to have all these things in one blind. I am so glad I opted for the motorised version. Thank you for your excellent advice and knowledge, appreciated it.

We came to Vorbo Interiors following a recommendation. Moving into a new home we were unsure what best to do with south-facing windows and bi-fold doors. Your knowledge and advise made it very easy for me. The Shutters and [Silent Gliss] sheer Wave Curtains control the heat perfectly and look fabulous. Thank you

Many thanks for the beautiful [fabric laminated] roller blinds. They go really well with our new kitchen. So pleased we came to your company.

I appreciated your care yesterday, the sail blinds are wonderful. Thank you both, Sheila

We are very pleased with our curtains and cushions. They are beautiful and the room now looks very cosy. We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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